Central Sensitivity Syndrome | A Survivor's Guide
Central Sensitivity Syndrome & Central Sensitization | A Survivor's Guide
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Methylenetetrahydrofolate Reductase Deficiency

I finally received my Whole Genome test results (https://sequencing.com/?rfsn=4541759.8a2bfe). It’s a wilderness of variants. I’m putting my best doctors in the driver’s seat to help interpret the results at length. However, there is one major likely candidate that “could” explain all of “my” CSS symptoms in one if severe enough,…

Dantrolene Cured My Myofascial Pain Syndrome

I recently underwent some genetic testing for certain types of rare neuropathies. One of the mutations was in my RYR1 gene, which suggested that I may have some symptoms of Central Core Disease. Looking at some of the known symptoms I realized that I did indeed have some of those…

Treating Medication-Induced Cognitive Decline & Mental Exhaustion – SOLVED

I’ve been on Flexeril/Cyclobenzaprine for nearly 20 years. It’s the only muscle relaxer that has ever worked for me, and I have tried seemingly everything; prescription, and supplements/herbs. Without it, all my muscles are so tight I can bearly move, the spasms are frequent, and one subtle wrong move and…

Dementia Like Brain Fog

It was getting so bad. I felt like mind mind was slowly disappearing more everyday. I was so easily jumbled and confused on a regular basis that I was looking into assisted living. I just didn’t feel safe and competent anymore. I couldn’t see images in my head anymore, if…

A Brief Review Of Topical Pain Relievers

I have tried a fair amount of topical pain relieving substances over the years, both prescription and non-prescription. These are of course only for localized pain, which for me, is typically due to a flare up where 1-3 locations are far more painful than the rest and oral medications just…

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