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Shortness of Breath with Little or no Exertion

It may be the fatigue, it may be the pain, or it may be both causing this. The best solution to help reduce how short of breath you become during your day-to-day is to work on some cardio and strength training 3 times a week each (at least). If you…

Visual Hypersensitivity

Visual sensitivity is characteristic of an abnormal intolerance to the visual perception of light by the presence of an actual physical photosensitivity of the eyes. For sufferers of visual hypersensitivity, light outdoors and even indoors can be mildly discomforting to blinding. Most effects are assumed the result of chronic pain…

Headaches When Outdoors Without Dark Sunglasses

Make sure they are loose, not tightly fitting. If they are amber tinted, switch to a darker brown tint. If they are a darker brown, switch to a black tint. If you wear glasses, consider “Transition” lenses, or ask for reduced glare and scratch resistant lenses. Ask for polycarbonate lenses…

Central Sensitization: Common Etiology In Somatoform Disorders

Central sensitization occurs when pain pathways in the spinal cord become hyperexcitable and are augmented, rather than blocked, in the thalamus and other brain centers. This leads to a cascade of neuroinflammatory, neuroendocrine, and autonomic dysregulation. Read Full Article @ Practical Pain Management:

Q: How do you clinically determine if a chronic pain patient has centralized pain? Do you record this in the patient’s chart?

The question prejudices the answer by implying that centralization is an active process by the patient. Centralization is a neuro-inflammatory event with a genetic (possibly epigenetic or microbiome-related) predisposition and a peripheral trigger.  It is not under the behavioral control of patients. Unfortunately, no standardized, validated set of diagnostic criteria…

Pain: It’s Not All In Your Head Chronic Pain Syndrome and Management

From the Chronic Pain Management Program I attended in Minneapolis MN, at Abbott Northwestern Hospital. It was a 3 week inpatient program, top ranked in the nation at the time, and closed due to lack of funding. I saw these doctors over the course of 8 years outpatient, and they…

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