Central Sensitivity Syndrome | A Survivor's Guide
Central Sensitivity Syndrome & Central Sensitization | A Survivor's Guide
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Weight-Loss Plan for The Housebound Disabled

This plan combines a few different methods for losing fat and gaining muscle. Each method helps a little, but combined together they help immensely. I’ve been primarily housebound for 17 years, and I’m on 22-hour bedrest on average for the rest of my life. One thing you gain quickly with…

3 Levels of Cognitive Impairment

There are 3 Levels of Cognitive Impairments outlined below. Most with CSS in their day-to-day only experience Level I. For those who overdo it, by the end of the day they may experience Level II. This level is also often experienced when woken up in the middle of the night…

Scoliosis and Numbness

If you have CSS and scoliosis, you are experiencing episodes of numbness, and are concerned it may be something more than the CSS, there is a quick and easy way you might be able to determine the cause. I’ve had scoliosis since I was little. It doesn’t seem to cause…

Medicine Induced Tinnitus

Recently I reduced my dose of Mexiletine to reduce symptoms of vertigo. The vertigo was due to 1 part allergies, 1 part menstruation, and 1 part Mexiletine which led to fluid buildup in my LEFT ear. The downside of this reduction? A constant ringing in the RIGHT ear. Makes a…

Sensitivity to Touch, Pressure, and Pain

Tactile and pain sensitivity is characteristic of an abnormal intolerance and response to touch, pressure, and pain sensations (nociceptive sensations). For sufferers of tactile hypersensitivity, light and gentle touch can range from mildly discomforting to debilitatingly painful. Onset of pain may be local or shooting when pressure is applied to…

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