Central Sensitivity Syndrome | A Survivor's Guide
Central Sensitivity Syndrome & Central Sensitization | A Survivor's Guide
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Dementia Like Brain Fog

It was getting so bad. I felt like mind mind was slowly disappearing more everyday. I was so easily jumbled and confused on a regular basis that I was looking into assisted living. I just didn’t feel safe and competent anymore. I couldn’t see images in my head anymore, if…

A Brief Review Of Topical Pain Relievers

I have tried a fair amount of topical pain relieving substances over the years, both prescription and non-prescription. These are of course only for localized pain, which for me, is typically due to a flare up where 1-3 locations are far more painful than the rest and oral medications just…

Constant or Occasional Itching

People with high phosphorus levels in their diet can experience a great deal of itching. This seems to be somewhat common with those with central sensitivity, and is either an electrolyte sensitivity, a result of diet alone, or the result of a genetic issue.  You can try cutting out high…

Milk, Irritable Bowel, and Central Sensitization

Since as long as I can remember, milk has been my enemy. At first it was just bloating, which in a skinny little rail of a child looked rather odd. However, by age 9 I was having severely distressing irritable bowel attacks. Whether I was screaming and moaning at home…

Weight-Loss Plan for The Housebound Disabled

This plan combines a few different methods for losing fat and gaining muscle. Each method helps a little, but combined together they help immensely. I’ve been primarily housebound for 17 years, and I’m on 22-hour bedrest on average for the rest of my life. One thing you gain quickly with…

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