Central Sensitivity Syndrome | A Survivor's Guide
Central Sensitivity Syndrome & Central Sensitization | A Survivor's Guide
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Bathing with Chronic Fatigue

Showering is an exhausting endeavor with central sensitivity. It may be the most exhausting thing you do in a day, it may be all you can get done in a day. But it can be easier and less exhausting if you’re ready to give up on doing it like everyone…

Centralized Pain Symptom Severity By Time of Day

This is an outline of “my” average symptom severity increases and decreased based on the time of day. As you can imagine, all sorts of misconceptions can be made by physicians based on what time of the day they have seen me in the past. Appointments in the early morning…

Congenital Central Sensitization Symptoms

The following is the symptomology of a single case of congenital central sensitization of which was not properly diagnosed until adulthood and was largely ignored and misunderstood by the medical community and family members. In all age groups, top hierarchy symptoms where the first signs of increased sensitivity. Adolescent increased…

Central Sensitization & Chest Pain

People with central sensitization can experience frequent chest pains, particularly on the left hand side. If you have consulted your doctor on your chest pains, and they did not find any other cause, your issue could be one of the following. Stress Breathing Chest Pain Chest breathing makes everything really…

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity & Improving Sleep Quality

If your Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome includes sensitivities to foods, or rather the chemicals in which foods are composed of, then what you eat may be having serious repercussions on your quality of sleep. One thing I noticed that dramatically changed as my chemical sensitivities increased was the vividness of…

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