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How ADHD Saved My Life

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I am totally and permanently disabled. This means that there isn’t a job in the world I can do. I can have hobbies that I can engage in (like this blog), but only at my own pace and with absolutely no external deadlines or expectations of quality. I am housebound…

Flu-like Symptoms & Central Sensitivity

While central sensitivity involves a lot of flu-like symptoms in general, there are some things that can make these symptoms more pronounced. These symptoms can include flu-like aches and pains (dull, achy, sharp, pinch), altered sense of smell, congestion, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, swollen, soar, and watery eyes,…

Study Reveals Biological Basis for Sensory Processing Disorders

“The researchers found a strong correlation between the micro-structural abnormalities in the white matter of the posterior cerebral tracts focused on sensory processing and the auditory, multisensory and inattention scores reported by parents in the Sensory Profile. The strongest correlation was for auditory processing, with other correlations observed for multi-sensory…