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Dryness (Eyes, Mouth, Skin)

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Dryness (Eyes, Mouth, Skin)

There are few different ways these symptoms present themselves, and a few possible causes. One cause is CSS itself. CSS symptoms involving dry mouth, eyes, and skin are common. However, there are many medications that can increase this symptoms. So, check the side effects of all of your medications and identify medications that may be increasing dryness. Talk to your doctor about reducing dosages or switching to a new medication that does not have similar side effects.


Dryness of the skin can include the whole body, or the whole body except for the face. My skin is always dry, even my face, except for the t-zone (forehead, nose, chin and area circling the mouth.). You can apply a lot of different types of lotions, some far more useful (but more greasy) than others. But, I’ve found that moisturizing from the inside – out, is just as important, if not more.

  • Drink more water, at least a couple of quarts per day. When I say water, I mean water, not flavored water (though you can add a little spritz of lemon). Start drinking first thing in the morning, and just keep a glass or bottle near you all day. It can be warm or cold.
  • Add nuts, broccoli, coconut oil, and other fruits and vegetables to your diet. They are very good for skin health and promote a healthy glow.
  • Add mineral oil to your bath, shower, or facial routine. A little bit goes a long way.
  • Use facial cleaners with moisturizers. If you break out easily, switch for a gel-based facial cleaner with fruit extracts.
  • Use Eucerin Intensive Repair lotion on hands and feet. Forgo the pumice stone for fine grit sand paper 150+ when your feet get rough.
  • Switch to hand soap that has aloe vera in it.


Dryness of the mouth can range from the mouth simply feeling dry, to not being able to speak well or swallow due to dryness.

  • Keep a bottle or glass of water with you at all times, even in the car.
  • Check to see if any medications may be making this worse than it needs to be.


Dryness of the eyes can pose an array of issues from irritation, to making it impossible to wear contacts, or even be in rooms with ceiling fans on.

  • Avoid eye drops unless you have actually managed to find one that works for you. This is because most eye drops will often irritate this issue, rather than help people with CSSs.
  • Avoid being in areas with ceiling fans or other fans blowing in your direction. If you can aim them in another direction, great, if not, you may need to consider aiming yourself in another direction.
  • Keep well hydrated.

Since an increased thirst tends to go hand-in-hand with dryness for people with CSSs, wanting to drink more shouldn’t be too terrible of a thing to muster. In the end, I have not found any surefire solutions to knocking these symptoms out. I just know that having a glass of water next to me all day prevents these symptoms from having any real effect on my life. Consider the other suggestions as assistive to adequate hydration. There are medications that can stimulate saliva production, but these do not come without more side effects.


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