Auditory Hypersensitivity

Auditory sensitivity is characteristic of an abnormal intolerance to the auditory perception of sound by the presence of an actual physical sensitivity. For sufferers of CSS with auditory hypersensitivity, even very mild sounds can be discomforting to immobilizing. Most effects are assumed the result of chronic pain and or fatigue,…

Smell Sensitivities – Olfactory Hypersensitivity

For those with Central Sensitivity Syndromes it’s not just light, sound, and touch that can yield severe side effects. It’s also smell. These smells can be fragrances, fumes, smoke, and even body odor. In this post I’ll address indoor symptoms and solutions as well as symptoms and solutions for outside…

How to Soundproof a Bedroom Window

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For those with auditory hypersensitivity, bedroom windows can be a HUGE issue. From noisy neighbors, to cars, to birds – it’s hard to block it all out, and it’s impossible to ignore. While some may be able to afford noise reducing windows, for those who cannot, here are some solutions….