Ringing in Ears After Taking Magnesium

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I started taking magnesium supplements about a week ago. I started off at only 250mg in the morning, but I also started noticing a couple days later that my right ear was quietly ringing during the day (barely noticeable), and very noticeably at night when sleeping on my right side….

Auditory Hypersensitivity

Auditory sensitivity is characteristic of an abnormal intolerance to the auditory perception of sound by the presence of an actual physical sensitivity. For sufferers of CSS with auditory hypersensitivity, even very mild sounds can be discomforting to immobilizing. Most effects are assumed the result of chronic pain and or fatigue,…

A Controlled Home Environment

When I speak of my home as the a controlled environment, as the only place I can completely recuperate from moderate to severe symptoms, I mean everything in my home is 100% accommodating to my central sensitivity. For other people this will vary based on their needs, but for me…