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Muscle Pain

Solution & Methods In General Avoid caffeine, refined sugar, and artificial sweeteners at all costs. Switch to Stevia (but watch out for brands that have Dextrose in them). Neck: My neck is the first to hurt more than the rest of my body on any occasion. This is where the…

Neurontin (Gabapentin)

While I have come across people with other pain issues who have found some pain relief in Neurontin, for me it was a pretty bad case of medication sensitivity/intolerance. There was no relief from pain, and I experienced severe headaches and syncope (fainting) due to very low blood pressure. This…

Tender Points & Trigger Points

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Tender points and trigger points on someone like me a laughable. There is no place on my body that you can poke or prod that isn’t accompanied by a pain response. Touch/pressure = pain. It may be sharp and sudden, or it may be delayed and yield a burning sensation,…