Electrical Stimulation and Sensitivity

For some with Central Sensitization, electrical stimulation devices are a godsend. However, for others it’s a nightmare. Fortunately, electrical sensitivities are rare.  For those without electrical sensitivity, there are several wonderful devices that may help you with your pain. The first is the well-known TENS Unit. Another is the lesser…

Depression & Central Sensitization

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Happiness is knowing you are not alone in your struggles. We are out there, we understand, and we will always love you as you are. I was diagnosed with Major Depression when I was a teenager, right around the time the fatigue and pain hit me like a jack hammer….

Congenital Central Sensitization Symptoms

The following is the symptomology of a single case of congenital central sensitization of which was not properly diagnosed until adulthood and was largely ignored and misunderstood by the medical community and family members. In all age groups, top hierarchy symptoms where the first signs of increased sensitivity. Adolescent increased…