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Nervous Hypersensitivity

Nervous Hypersensitivity: It’s not just a burning sensation, it’s a roaring fire. I can feel almost every nerve in my body 24/7. My body, noticeable to others and myself, throbs to my heart beat. Like the head throbs during a headache so to does my entire body. If I were to sit in a rocking chair and remain as still as I possibly could, the chair would rock from the pulsations. The only way I can live with this pain with no medications is exercise, but more importantly I mentally live outside of my own body. This dissociative coping mechanism may keep the horror minimized for me and prevent the need for the screaming, moaning and crying, but mental/physical disassociation comes with its own side effects. The major side effect of the disassociation is really only being aware of about 25% of your day. The days fly by for me and if I were to stop and focus on my nerve pain for more then a few seconds I would begin ripping at my own flesh. Feeling trapped and imprisoned in an iron maiden, only the spikes are inside the body and there is no way out.

Solution & Methods

  • For severe cases of nerve pain I advocate the drug Dextromethorphan Hydrobromide. See Therapies to Consider.

Temperature Hypersensitivity: I am very hypersensitive to the weather in fact so sensitive that going outside certain times of the year is nothing short of suicidal.

Cold: It is always thirty degrees colder to me then the average person. Also, in temperatures less than forty-five degrees my muscles begin to clench from the pain the cold causes me. In fact being out in temperatures less than forty-five degrees for over five minutes can lead to shortness of breath, dizziness, lightheadedness, disorientation and nausea. Temperatures under twenty degrees for two minutes can create the same results. Prolong exposure to twenty – forty degrees and lead to so much muscle constriction around the lungs that I stop breathing period. At 0 degrees, near and less than, I stop breathing immediately so I usually have to take a deep breath between indoors and getting in the car.

Solution & Methods

  • Wear layers not just one big coat. Wool is best to layer with or gortex.
  • Never leave home unless you are sure you will not be stuck in the cold for longer then you can handle.
  • Cover your hands, head, face… everything.
  • If you wear a scarf and other warm clothing you can stay warm and if you breathe slowly, or moderately, the scarf will warm the air before reaching your mouth keeping those muscles directly in mouth/lung area relaxed and not constricted.
  • If you become fatigued from the pain caused by the cold the only way I have found to reduce it is by reducing the pain through adding another layer of warmth.
  • Wear wool gloves under warm mittens.

Hot: Fatigue is the result. Fatigue so severe I can neither breathe nor stay conscious. I myself can not go out in temperatures over 80 for long and at over 90 degrees I will have a heat stroke. Because of my sensitive skin I have to cover up during sunnier months more, but more clothing creates more heat and more heat equals a very vulnerable moment which includes the loss of consciousness. Double vision, dizziness, lightheadedness and even nausea are side effects of heat for me. Heat can also trigger my irritable bowel/diarrhea. See Irritable Bowel.

Solution & Methods

  • Never go out if it is to hot or you think you can not make it in time to where you are going with out suffering the effects of the heat.
  • Make sure any vehicle you get into has a very good air conditioner.
  • Always, always carry a bottle of cold water with you and stay hydrated.
  • Carry your medical and emergency information on you just in case.
  • If you take taxi cabs to get places, make sure you stress the importance of air-conditioning.

Humidity, Precipitation & Barometric Pressure Changes: Humidity levels can be the difference between breathing and not breathing for me. Barometric pressure changes is the difference between stable pain and having to walk with a cane all over again.

Barometric Pressure - Is the weight exerted by the air around us. Rapidly falling barometric pressure generally signals the onset of stormy weather, and is believed to have a strong correlation with the potential for feeling aches and pains. Rising pressure may also affect some people.

Humidity - Is the amount of water vapor in the air. It can be expressed as "absolute humidity" (the amount of water vapor per unit of air) or the more familiar "relative humidity" (the amount of water vapor relative to the amount of moisture the air can hold at a given temperature). An increase in absolute humidity, especially in the summer, can lead to an increased potential for aches and pains.

Precipitation - Includes not only rain, but also snow, sleet, hail or any other form of water that reaches the ground. It is considered a factor in aches and pains because stormy weather accompanies changes in barometric pressure and humidity.
Source www.Weather.com

Solution & Methods

  • I frequent Weather.com to keep and eye on humidity/precipitation levels for the month in my state and barometric pressure changes that increase my pain. Always in the start of spring and end of fall these changes occur, levels go up during the spring/summer and down fall/winter. Make sure you’re not surprised by these changes and know when they are going to change in your area.

Chronic Fatigue: My mental fatigue started as early as birth and at least by age five. My physical fatigue started around age thirteen.  I sectioned off this area by different things that help and make my fatigue worse. My fatigue is originally from not sleeping restfully for no known reason. I have been through sleep tests at a sleep clinic, but while I have symptoms of a person suffering from sleep deprivation everyday I do go through the natural stages of sleep just fine, I just can not mentally and physically relax enough to benefit from sleep the same as others. It’s thought that I get about two hours of restful sleep in a twelve hour sleeping period. This would be just enough to function as I do and still leaves me with the higher sleep deprivation symptoms such as visual distortions and hallucinations. If I were to ever find a cure for my version of CSS it would most likely deal with creating the ability to have a normal level of restful sleep.

Solution & Methods

  • If you drink alcoholic beverages and feel a little or very tired afterwards chances are that feeling is still lingering days even weeks later. Try going without for a couple weeks and see if you notice a difference. The same goes for cigarettes and other recreational drugs. Whether you take them for fun, to escape or to reduce pain in the long run you are only accelerating the deterioration of your heath and may more immediately be hindering your life in the way of fatigue.
  • If you are taking medications, any form of medications even herbs, oils and even aromatherapy know that these could be increasing your fatigue. Your best bet is to talk to your doctor about prescribed medications and see if any of them could be causing fatigue as a side effect. As for herbs, oils etc. stop taking them for a couple of weeks if possible and make sure they are not adding to your fatigue. The fatigued body is far more sensitive to chemicals, natural or synthetic, then a health energized body.
  • Based on your unique type of digestive enzymes there could be foods that will make you fatigued. Try reading the book “Eat Right 4 Your Blood Type” and try out the food plan based on your blood type and digestive enzymes. This book may have saved my life. It works wonders.
  • See Heat.
  • See Humidity.
  • Sleep disorders vary and are quite common. If you suspect you are not sleeping to your full potential or that you may indeed have a sleep disorder find out where your nearest Sleep Clinic is and set up an appointment. See Spine for methods on sleeping better using physical sleep aids like contour pillows.
  • Exercise is key in keeping your energy up. If you push yourself  allot (within reason) in the morning then the rest of the day might just be a breeze. Strength training will keep you from wearing down as well as working out for endurance. See a Physical Therapist or Personal Trainer for extra help in this area.
  • Keep a regular sleep schedule (get up at the same time every morning and go to sleep the same time every night). Keep a routine through out the day to keep your body use to being active.
  • Pace yourself. If you go outside of your routine make sure you take it easy and not over do it. Over doing it can cause excess fatigue for days.
  • Be mindfully attentive of your pain. The more pain you have the more energy you use to cope with it. The more energy use to cope the more fatigued you become.
  • If you just can’t seem to get the sleep thing down and it still affects you then try sleeping more or less then you already are. Sleeping to much can leave you very fatigued. Sleeping to little can leave you fatigued as well. I myself have had to sleep ten to twelve hours per night the majority of my life.
  • A big sign of being sleep deprives is visual distortions or hallucinations. These distortions or hallucinations can be spots, dots, lines, visual blurring etc. These symptoms are lessened by being in moderate to darker light. You will notice it the most in direct sunlight. Wearing sunglasses can help minimize this effect.





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