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Smell and Taste Alterations

While I do not have a terrible amount of experience with smell and taste alterations, I have had a few accounts. These alterations range from short to long-term alterations. When I say “smell sensitivity,” I’m referring to when a smell becomes heightened – it becomes stronger. This means that what…

Ringing in Ears After Taking Magnesium

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I started taking magnesium supplements about a week ago. I started off at only 250mg in the morning, but I also started noticing a couple days later that my right ear was quietly ringing during the day (barely noticeable), and very noticeably at night when sleeping on my right side….

Ultrasound Therapy at Home for Localized Pain

Years ago I dragged myself out of my house to see my physical therapist 20 minutes away to get Ultrasound Therapy on my back. It helped a lot, but was usually short lived, and I could only handle getting there once a week. Eventually it just didn’t seem worth it….

Beating Drug-Induced Light Sensitivity

Light sensitivity is a side effect of many medications. Considering that those with Central Sensitization are typically already very light sensitive, often moderately to severe, this side effect poses a HUGE problem. For most people, severe light sensitivity would suggest to the prescribing physician that the patient should discontinue taking…

The “You Don’t Look Sick” Makeover

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As I came around the corner at the store with my rollator, a woman in line smiled at me. She began striking up a conversation with me asking me about myself and sharing a bit about herself. She was a personal care attendant and was amazed by how much I…