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Eyes Burn When Crying – Central Sensitivity

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Eyes Burn When Crying – Central Sensitivity

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There were so many years I couldn’t cry, my tears burned my eyes. While being anywhere near the ocean still makes my eyes burn (salt water vapors), my tears no longer burn my eyes. It still gives me a massive headache for days even after a little cry, but I make sure I take time out of my year at least twice to let it all out.

I’m not sure why my tears don’t burn my eyes anymore. Biochemistry isn’t my strong suit. But I did switch from drinking diet soda all day to lemon water around that time, so it may have been a result of:

  • being better hydrated, which resulted in less dye eye symptoms, or
  • due to less sodium chloride in my tears (diet soda has a high sodium content)

I still can’t go anywhere near chlorinated (sodium hypochlorite) pools without my eyes burning. Getting in a pool with very little chlorine makes my skin really itch, so it could be allergy related too. So, I’m not sure if it’s the sodium, the chloride, both, or the dilution of one or both due to being more hydrated that knocked that symptom out of the park.

My recommendation? Lower your sodium (salt) consumption and drink more lemon water for a month, see if it helps!


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