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Medicine Induced Tinnitus

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Medicine Induced Tinnitus

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Recently I reduced my dose of Mexiletine to reduce symptoms of vertigo. The vertigo was due to 1 part allergies, 1 part menstruation, and 1 part Mexiletine which led to fluid buildup in my LEFT ear. The downside of this reduction? A constant ringing in the RIGHT ear. Makes a lot of sense right? NOT. Well, it gets weirder.

Now don’t get me wrong, this wasn’t a ringing I had to endure all day. No, it was so quiet I could only hear it when laying on that side at night. Considering how light of a sleeper I am and how hard it is for me to fall asleep, well, let’s just say I was sleeping in a bit in the mornings to catch up on sleep.

Then, one day I bought a huge bag of gourmet trail mix. Yep, I ate the whole damn thing. Well, guess what happened when I went to bed that night? NO RINGING. And the next night (remember I ate the WHOLE bag), no ringing. Day 3? Guess what came back…. the ringing. The effect wore off.

So, I knew it was something in the trail mix that stopped the ringing. It was just a process of elimination. The answer? ALMONDS. Why? No clue, in fact almonds are one of the foods people with tinnitus are recommended to stay away from. Another weird CSS mystery solved…well, kind of.

I may never pinpoint the chemical in almonds that successfully treats the ringing in my ear, and this solution may not work for everyone, but at least I know now – an almond a day (or a few) keeps the ringing away.


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