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Scoliosis and Numbness

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Scoliosis and Numbness

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If you have CSS and scoliosis, you are experiencing episodes of numbness, and are concerned it may be something more than the CSS, there is a quick and easy way you might be able to determine the cause.

I’ve had scoliosis since I was little. It doesn’t seem to cause me pain though in and of itself. It does however make me lean a bit to one side, so I do tend to have more issues on that side and that side tends to be the first to hurt when I overdo it.

Laying on my back flat on the floor (Yoga – Corpse Pose) helps to put things a little more into correct alignment and temporarily alleviates any issues I have during or immediately after holding the pose.

If you have an episode of numbness, lay flat on the floor and see if the numbness gets better. If it does, it may be the scoliosis, if not, it may be something orthopedic and you might want to have an orthopedic specialist take a look just in case. However, numbness is common with CSS.


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