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Sensitive Skin

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Sensitive Skin

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My skin is sensitive to any form of touch or pressure. Gentle touch can burn, a poke is like a punch, a tap on the shoulder is a sharp electrical pain, and a hard poke or bump leaves a bruise for two weeks at least. An innocent light itch or scratch leaves a red mark for minutes to hours and looks more like a rash. My skin is very dry all of the time and can get scaly if I do not use lotion daily and keep well hydrated.

Solutions & Methods

External Skin

  • No itchy materials (clothing). By clothes that are soft and smooth to the touch. Think less about style and more about function and comfort.
  • None, or very thin and breathable underwear to avoid sweating and chafing. Go a size or two bigger if need be.
  • k2-_cb8008af-5ec9-4409-9757-47046b966423.v1When bathing, put a little olive oil, or some mineral oil (I get mine from Walgreens) in your bath water if you do not have a filter for your faucet to remove chlorine and harsh minerals in the water that increase dryness. Water is harder in the north than in the south typically.  Try putting some olive oil in your body wash as well. Make sure you rinse well so it doesn’t rub off on your towels. Avoid drying towels on high heat, as oil not removed during the washing cycles may bake the towel and leave it stiff. Just go easy on the oil.
  • Put a PUR Water Filter on your bathroom faucet (also a good idea for kitchen faucets) with MineralClear filters to help with dry facial skin and hands. This can also prevent acne if putting lotion on your face after washing is your method of keeping your face moist.
  • If your facial skin is red or blotchy from dryness, have very dark circles under your eyes and you can’t seem to find any makeup that will cover the facial results of your condition (or have a sensitive or allergic reaction to all makeup) I advocate trying Sheer Cover by Guthry Renker, or using a little bit of mineral oil and water in the mornings, and keeping well hydrated, which helps skin look healthy and fresh, but give it one week to one month to really see the impact.
  • imagesKeep your shoes loose and wear higher socks to prevent blistering. Sketchers Sport Sneakers (I get mine from Marshall’s or the Sketchers Outlet) work best for me and hurt the least. Also, Earth Spirit sandals offer great support and soft and cushioned.
  • Shea butter is the best I have used to keep skin moist and healthy and it lasts longer than most lotions. You can also make your own lotions and add in some coconut oil.
  • Wear loose clothing around the waist and wear a bra one to two sizes bigger (34 to 36-38). Choose bras that are stretchy, and use an extender if you need a bit more room. You can also forgo the bra if small in size and wear tank tops with built in bras 1 to 2 sizes bigger than you normally wear. You can also shop specifically for tops that hid the fact you are not wearing a bra. Shop for pants that stretch. If you need something dressier, find a nice pair of jeggings (stretchy jeans). The most comfortable pants and shirts you will probably find in the sleepwear and activewear sections.

indexInternal Skin or Tissues

  • Give your body a break, drink bottled water or filtered water. Chlorine dry’s you out, and so do harsh minerals.

Oral Skin or Tissues

  • Stay away from hot, spicy, and salty foods. Unless you are like me and only find joy in those types of foods, then drink plenty of water with your meals
  • Use a mild mouthwash (kids brand).
  • Use a soft bristle tooth brush.
  • Take it easy on carbonated drinks and citric drinks like lemonade and orange juice to avoid mouth soars (canker soars). If sensitive to these, not only will the wreak havoc on your oral skin, but also your stomach.


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