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The 411 for Physicians & Medical Researchers

Sex: Female

Year of Birth: 1981

Height: 5’3

Weight: 140

Race: White

Blood Type: A- (Rh -Negative)

Family History of Fibromyalgia: Yes.

Blood Pressure: 130/80

History of HBP: Yes

Family History of HBP and Heart Disease: Yes

Diabetes/Hypoglycemia: No

History of Cancer: No

Family History of Cancer: Yes – Mother and Father

Adrenal/Thyroid/ Known Hormonal Imbalance: No

History of Vitamin Deficiency: Yes, B12 – 1yr, resolved

Bloodwork, MRI’s, etc., come back normal.

History of Psychiatric Care: Yes, until my condition was ruled not psychiatric in nature and my condition significantly improved once psychiatric medications were eliminated from my chronic pain management. Medication intolerance left me institutionally dependent. Cessation of medications resulted in total independence.