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How to Soundproof a Bedroom Window

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For those with auditory hypersensitivity, bedroom windows can be a HUGE issue. From noisy neighbors, to cars, to birds – it’s hard to block it all out, and it’s impossible to ignore. While some may be able to afford noise reducing windows, for those who cannot, here are some solutions….

Paralysis & Severe Weakness – Central Sensitivity

I’m typing this post up today because I’m finally going there, I’m finally accepting that I need a wheelchair in the home because the severe weakness and paralysis-like episodes are getting more and more frequent and I don’t know why. These paralysis-like episodes use to only occur with severe irritable…

Eyes Burn When Crying – Central Sensitivity

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There were so many years I couldn’t cry, my tears burned my eyes. While being anywhere near the ocean still makes my eyes burn (salt water vapors), my tears no longer burn my eyes. It still gives me a massive headache for days even after a little cry, but I…

Central Sensitization – Diagnosis, Treatment, Disability Benefits

Central Sensitivity Syndrome is a unifying concept that was a major contribution to the field of chronic pain. However, it still remains just that, a concept. Just like Fibromyalgia for many years up until recently, Centralized Pain isn’t a diagnosis, at least not where the International Classification of Diseases or…