Central Sensitization Inventory

The Central Sensitization Inventory (CSI) was developed to assess the overlapping health-related symptom dimensions of CS/CSSs. Part A has 25 items scored from 0 to 4. Total scores range from 0-100. Part B (which is not scored) asks if one has previously been diagnosed with one or more specific disorders,…

Guidelines for the Classification of Central Sensitization Pain

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Q: How do you clinically determine if a chronic pain patient has centralized pain? Do you record this in the patient’s chart?

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The question prejudices the answer by implying that centralization is an active process by the patient. Centralization is a neuro-inflammatory event with a genetic (possibly epigenetic or microbiome-related) predisposition and a peripheral trigger.  It is not under the behavioral control of patients. Unfortunately, no standardized, validated set of diagnostic criteria…