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Knee & Shoulder Pain – Central Sensitivity

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Knee & Shoulder Pain – Central Sensitivity

Central Sensitivity Symptoms:

Popping sensation and sound in knee when bending, knee needs to be elevated and/or extended to avoid irritation, bent knee for an extended period of time results in stiffness and pain, other areas on the same side of the body (e.g. shoulder, low back) are often sore, spasm, and muscles are easily pulled in these areas.


You may be suffering from misalignment due to an improper orthodic or require an orthodic to stabilize your bone and muscular structure. Misalignment can result in very tight muscles that are easily prone to injury and re-injury. While the pain may lead you to believe something has been torn if you already have issues with widespread chronic pan and sensitivity to pain, an MRI will determine if such is the case.

Your Doctor may say it’s “Tendonitis,” but physical therapy may only worsen the issue if you continue wearing the orthodic and it is the cause of the tendonitis. You may also be diagnosed with “Plantar Fasciitis” if you have stiffness and pain in the foot or feet. To see if this is the solution to your pain, stop wearing the orthodic on the side you are experiencing these pains for 1 to 2 weeks. You should notice a difference in 1 week and should be free of the symptoms mentioned above after two weeks.

To resolve misalignment for those not already wearing orthodics, seek out a custom fit orthodic machine. These can be found at some Wal-Mart’s in the pharmacy department, and in some physical therapy and podiatry clinics. To see if this is the solution for you, wear the custom fit orthodics for 2 weeks, even around the house (e.g. in your slippers). You should notice a reduction in symptoms within 2 weeks.

I recommend Dr. Scholls Tri-Comfort orthodics for those who need less ridged support, but still need something. These are a life saver, and cushion the feet nicely making it less painful to walk AND stand. If they do not fit in your shoes, take the built-in insole out of the shoe and slide these in.


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