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Severe Bone & Joint Pain – Central Sensitivity

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Severe Bone & Joint Pain – Central Sensitivity

Central Sensitivity Symptoms:

Sudden onset of widespread and severe bone and joint pain.


Keep a food log for one week. Look up CALCIUM levels for each food item (you can do this through Google) as you write them down. Keep writing in the food journal until you identify a food high in calcium that you eat regularly, very high in calcium you eat now and again, and/or many food that you eat daily that are fairly high in calcium. Main culprits are dairy products.

Remove these foods from your diet for 1 week. If the pain stops, slowly introduce foods paying close attention to calcium levels for those foods. CSS survivors have a VERY narrow window for homestasis when it comes to vitamin and minerals, just like everything else. You need to find the highest amount you can tolerate without the onset of additional pain.

Additional culprits may include ANY new medications that have a side effect of bone and joint pain, for example some nasal allergy medications like Nasonex, and also some and corticosteroid drugs like Prednisone.


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