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Spinal Pain & Centralized Pain

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Spinal Pain & Centralized Pain

Central Sensitization Symptoms:

Dull and achy pain in the spine, and sharp pains in the spine when physically touched. May experience pain in the muscles surrounding the spine as well (Bilateral Paraspinal Muscle Pain).


Remove all refined and artificial sweeteners from your diet for one week. Substitute with Stevia sweetener or no sweetener at all. See if pain is alleviated. If only some pain is alleviated, go for one month without refined sugar and artificial sweeteners. Make sure you are paying close attention to packaged foods and their sugar/sweetener content, they sneak  into just about everything these days.

If you still unsure if this is helping, press into the spine with your finger or knuckle and determine the pain on a pain scale 1-10. Then, eat foods high in refined sugar, wait one day, and assess by pressing into the spine. If there is a difference in the pain before and after consuming refined sugar, refined sugar is at least partially responsible for your spinal pain. If pain remains to some extent, see an orthopedic specialist to rule out other possibilities. Spinal pain without a known cause is common in those with CSS widespread pain, but some of that pain can be reduced through this method.

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For those extra sensitive, try eliminating all sugars from your diet, including fruit, fruit juices, vegetables that have “sweet” in the name, and natural sweeteners for one week and see if you notice a difference using the same press and rate on a 1-10 pain scale method mentioned above.


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